About us

Dear Customer,

QSEC is short for Quality Systems Energy Control. For us who work here, QSEC means “energy system under total control”. This describes exactly what we do today and what we have been doing since 1999.

QSEC’s business concept is:
To perform energy-saving measures that reduce both energy consumption and the property owners’ costs and also enhance the level of comfort for the tenants. The result when we hand over the property is an energy system under total control.

8-10 years ago our services were mainly requested for solving problems with uneven room temperature, dripping taps, complaints from tenants, etc. The synergy effect of these measures was energy saved. Today our services are requested first and foremost to reduce property owners’ main expense – energy costs. The synergy effect of this is more satisfied tenants.

Our guiding principle is to execute services so well that they can be sold as new. As a result, we are now established in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, and perform our services throughout the whole of Sweden.

Customers old and new are welcome to put our services to the test.
The payment period is around 3 years but is often shorter. Can you afford to pass us up?

Christer Lebeck, Managing Director and owner