Environment and quality

Environment and quality are important here at QSEC – we strive to reduce society’s energy consumption in general and work hard to offer each individual customer services of the highest quality.

We have always worked to continuously improve the environment and climate impact of our company. The foundation of our work and of our undertakings and ambitions, is formulated in our environment policy. In recognition of our work we have held the City of Gothenburg’s environment diploma since 2005 – which we are proud of and will continue to work with.

Although we are good at what we do, we know that we can always be better. In 2010 we therefore took the step of certifying the company in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard. (We recertified according to ISO 9001:2015 in 2016.) This means that we are constantly working to improve our operation and can thereby deliver quality-assured solutions. The goal and result of our improvements are even more satisfied customers.

Every year we measure how good we are – and how we can be even better – in a questionnaire that we send to a selection of our customers.
If you are an existing or past customer and have an improvement suggestion or views that you would like to share – don’t wait for a questionnaire, please contact us directly. With your help we can be even better.

The foundation of QSEC’s quality, environment and work environment work, is formulated in our policies, which you will find here on this page.