Kv Nytorp, Malmö


Project description

The assignment for MKB was to adjust the existing heating system at Kv Nytorp i Malmö. The property is one 16-storey building, one 9-storey building and a business premises.

The heating system consists of an underfloor heating system embedded in the concrete floor, so-called “crystal coils”. The heated water is fed via a heating manifold in the kitchen and our task was to replace the inlet valve and return valve with new ball valves. The control valves were to be checked and fully opened and, if necessary, replaced with new ball valves. The heating and sanitation pump was replaced by a new pressure-controlled pump.

The goal of the adjustment was to achieve a uniform temperature in all heating coils, while eliminating major differences in room temperature between different dwellings caused by flow differences in the coils.

The result of our measurements showed that the flows and indoor temperatures were very even and each dwelling can today be controlled via indoor sensors. Photo: Jaenecke Arkitekter AB