By optimising the flow in each radiator/heating source, so that every dwelling and room receives optimal energy output, your heating costs can be reduced by up to 20% depending on the condition of the building.

A balanced heating system not only helps to bring down energy consumption, it also improves indoor living comfort as all the rooms maintain a more even temperature.

A heating adjustment means calculating the building’s entire energy system in order to determine the correct flow for each individual radiator. The flow is then balanced with valves.

QSEC’s strength is our in-house-developed calculation programme – Heat Control Calculating System (HCCS) – which calculates the optimal flow for each heating source, and our flow control valve – a QSEC-valve – which ensures that the calculated flow is achieved.

The QSEC valve is fitted inside the heating system in a concealed position. This is done in every radiator or coil depending on the type of system. As the installed valve cannot be manipulated by hand there is a minimal risk of the optimised flow being changed, putting the system back out of balance. In other words, you are receiving an energy system under total control.

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