Water-saving measures

Today, using modern restricted flow/low-flush equipment, we can reduce your water consumption by up to 30% – without the tenants experiencing any negative effects.

Residential buildings consume a lot of water. As an example, the average Swede consumes an average of 180 litres of water a day, of which 65 litres is used for personal hygiene purposes.
But there are savings to be made.

Approx. 35% of the water consumed by dwellings is heated water. By installing restricted flow/low-flush eqipment, this portion can be decreased and your combined heating costs can be reduced by up to 8%. Flushing/rinsing comfort is maintained, without the residents experiencing any adverse changes.

Examples of measures that reduce water consumption and enhance energy efficiency are:
-    Installation of restricted flow jet concentrators in kitchen and bathroom taps
-    Installation of restricted flow jet concentrators in showers
-    Switching from double-handle mixer taps to economical single-handle and thermostatic mixing taps
-    Switching from single- to dual-flush toilets

Our water- and energy-saving programme also entails a comprehensive overhaul of your entire sanitary equipment – giving you as a property owner full control of the building’s maintenance needs.

QSEC has completed a large number of water-saving projects through the years and you will find a selection of reference projects here..