To make sure that each building has the necessary ventilation, regular adjustments and controls are required – which we can help you with.

A smooth running ventilation system is important both for our well-being and a building’s condition. It creates both a comfortable indoor environment, and an energy- and cost-efficient climate system which can optimise the building’s service life.

To achieve this, it is important that the building has flows and functions that are appropriate to its needs. When the flows are too high or low, the result is not only poor air quality and a risk for damp and mold – the property owner also has unnecessary energy costs.

We can help you with everything from measurements, flow adjustment and the cleaning of ventilation ducts to mandatory ventilation inspections and renovation work that includes the replacement of fans or ventilation units.

This result is a ventilation system with an optimised energy need and a satisfactory climate for the residents – a win-win situation.

Through the years QSEC has completed a number of ventilation projects, which you can read about here.
For more information about ventilation and the rules that apply for you and your property, visit the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) here.